Client Feedback

“Solandra is very intuitive and helped me release emotions and old patterns from the past. Using the quantum energy, she also helped me heal a sore throat and flu. I was feeling much better and lighter at the end of the session. I recommend Solandra for her energy healing and emotional release work. It’s her joy to help others heal.”

Annett Schneider

Quantum Heart Frequency Instructor

“Working with Solandra on self-discovery can involve deep exploration, including forgiveness of others. Powerful inner work – you won’t be sorry you invested in it.”

Coach with PhD

“Before working with Solandra I was terrified of dogs! The fear had been with me since childhood and I avoided outdoor activities and limited visiting with some family and friends in order to avoid the dogs. My new neighborhood seemed to have so many of them; I stopped leaving my house unless I could drive to my destination. After working with Solandra, my world changed! I noticed that the fear had left me! I was able to see the dogs whether across the street or passing beside me on the sidewalk, without experiencing panic or even anxiety. What freedom it has been to be able to walk in my neighborhood now with my kids and enjoy the place we’ve chosen to live! Thanks Solandra!”

Teacher / Homeschooler

“I was going through the motions of living.  And then I met Solandra! She helped, in particular, with healing my emotional body.  Her gentle & powerful healing led the way to my opening and trusting in myself.  Honestly, I’m excited and happy to be here now more than ever!”

D.N. ~ Calgary